How to write a credit application?



When an individual wants to buy a car, do some work in his home, or even buy a new washing machine, consumer credit is an immediate financing solution to cover these important expenses. But before carrying out these projects, it is still necessary to put all the chances on his side by drafting effectively his demand for credit.

Loan request letter conso: primary information

Loan request letter conso: primary information

Consumer loan is a credit agreement signed between an individual and a lender. To assess the financial needs of the borrower, he must be precise when writing his letter of application for credit. It is necessary to indicate in the mail:

  • the contact details of the bank;
  • the exact amount of the expense that the borrower wishes to finance with the credit;
  • the nature of the expense that the individual wants to fund with the amount requested;
  • the amount of credit the borrower wishes to obtain from the lender.

Why should care for its credit conso application?

Why should care for its credit conso application?

Depending on this request, the individual will receive a document called a credit agreement, which will specify the terms of the credit:

  • the total amount he wants to borrow;
  • the duration of the credit and the staggering of monthly payments;
  • the total cost of credit;
  • the APR (annual percentage rate of charge);
  • repayment terms.

It is from this document that the individual makes the decision to take out a loan, so it is important to be precise in his request in order to receive the credit proposal best suited to his needs. To facilitate these steps, it is possible to simulate credit applications to assess the chances of success of his application.

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